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If you're interested in improving the quality of agriculture, you're in the right place.

We've created this page as a guide to using our products; specifically those that will support you in your endeavors tonourish and sustain healthy plants and animals.

Many of our Light-Life® Harmonizers may be used to help agriculture thrive. All Harmonizers emit a cosmic light field (or L-field) and have a positive output. Farm fields flourish in its environment. Plants grow lush, full, and strong. Birds, butterflies, and worms thrive, and all beneficial life forms in the area prosper as they receive its beneficial energy. It is an active tool, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light energy field around it. An individual's own energies are set into motion too, continuing as long as one is in its presence! The field expands when the Environmental Clearing CD, which comes with the Harmonizer, is played. The Harmonizer's field range can be contained by placing it in the Light-Life® Ring that is included. It is also recommended to place the Harmonizer in the ring every week for refreshing. Here, we recommend specific tools to help you:

  • Improve soil and water quality, so you can grow plants that are lush, full, strong, and healthy
  • Reduce and/or eliminate the use of pesticides
  • Alleviate health issues for people and animals

Imagine healthy, lush plants, thriving in balanced soil, nurtured with energized water, and producing nutrient-rich produce for you, your children and your community!

Please note: Several reports show that multiple Harmonizers spread out in one area are excellent for nursery and house plants, in the sense that they strengthen the plants, reduce environmental pollution, and bring more harmony to the communities.

We recommend:

This tool seems to:

1. Enhance plant growth

2. Improve the soil

3. Clean and improve water

Water treated with any Light-Life® Ring starts to emit photons, and the water brings light into the soil and increases its quality.

This tool seems to:

1. Energize and structure the water, when this ring is placed over outgoing pipelines on an irrigation system.

2. Enhanced water quality, which will strengthen plants, when this ring is placed over your hose when watering plants.

3. Get rid of aphids on plants by watering them several days in a row with a ring over the hose.

This tool seems to:

1. Improve the quality of well water and reduce algae that may be building up, when this ring I is placed over your well.

2. Decrease algae when a few rings are tossed in a pond.

3. Bring rain instead of hail, when hail clouds, recognizable by their grey-greenish dark color, are scanned with the ring.